Prayers of the Faithful

29th Sunday of Ordinary Time
18 October 2020

  • For the leaders of the Church: that they may not be afraid to speak out and so may provide a courageous voice to protect the religious freedom of all and to speak for truth, justice, and peace in the world, let us pray to the Lord: 


  • That governments will ensure fair taxes and provide its citizens with needed services, especially those for the poor, let us pray to the Lord:  


  • In this Respect for Life Month, we pray for expectant mothers.  May they receive the support and guidance they need to cherish the life in their womb, let us pray to the Lord:


  • That we may place our loyalty to the truths and laws of God first before our loyalties to society, let us pray to the Lord: 


  • We pray for those in our East and West river who struggle during these difficult times from addictions and from various physical, spiritual and emotional problems. We pray that they may be healed and made whole again, let us pray to the Lord



  • We pray the safety and well being our farmers and ranchers as they are harvesting their crops and tending to their livestock, let us pray to the Lord:


  • For the recently deceased, and all the faithful departed, that they will enjoy for ever the peace which the world cannot give, let us pray to the Lord:



  • For the intentions that we hold within our hearts_________, let us pray to the Lord:

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